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Six Sigma Certification

The Urology Group in 2007 committed to achieving Six Sigma certification, a measure of quality that strives for perfection through the systematic elimination of defects. Doing so means adopting consistent methodologies for establishing and delivering all products and services. The Urology Group has adopted these measures across 20 projects so far, and has achieved black belt status for two of its members – Earl Walz, CEO, Jon Gundler, Therese Holden, Erin Hustton and Don Lawson.

Six Sigma awards:

  • Gold Award winner: 2009 American Society for Quality – Cincinnati Section Healthcare Quality Award Competition
  • Participant Award: 2010 American Society for Quality – International Team Excellence Award Competition
  • Organizational Impact Award: 2010 American Society for Quality – International Team Excellence Award Competition

In 2016 several of our employees (pictured below) achieved black belt stats within the program. We are proud of their achievements. 

The Urology Group has completed more than 20 Six Sigma certification projects. Among them are these three that focus directly on improved patient care:

  • Improved patient adherence: Recognizing the fact that urodynamics and biofeedback treatment can be uncomfortable for the patient, we launched a project to prevent patients from missing or not scheduling treatments. We did this by providing educational information that underscored the value of treatments up front, and then implementing a system of immediate and automatic scheduling. As a result, we were able to increase patient engagement and improve adherence to the treatment.
  • Prostate biopsy protocol: Our analysis showed there was a tendency among patients to overuse antibiotics following prostate biopsies. We found that this was often the result of administering an antibiotic before and after the procedure – when the antibiotic was still in the system. By simply providing the antibiotic two hours before the biopsy, and not afterward, we were able to dramatically reduce its presence in the bloodstream.
  • Wrong-side surgery: Procedures that resulted in surgery on the wrong side of the patient have reached concerning rates across the United States and abroad. Wanting to prevent even the chance of such an incident, our physicians worked closely with the Joint Commission on Healthcare, earning its accreditation that such protocols are regularly met within our group.

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    February 13, 2019
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