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Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic

The Urology Group offers a full spectrum of care for prostate cancer patients from initial screening and diagnosis to a wide variety of treatment options. However, for men who show indications of the disease having progressed, the Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic provides additional alternatives and support.

Each patient’s unique condition benefits from a treatment designed specifically for his medical needs. Because The Urology Group specializes in prostate cancer, we have extensive experience with hundreds of patients, allowing us to recognize details, customize recommendations and deepen the level of personal attention through the Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic.

Ultimately, the Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic can extend and enhance the quality of the lives of prostate cancer patients. When The Urology Group created the Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic, it was one of the first programs of its kind in the nation.  Over the past several years, The Urology Group has shared its learnings and best practices with healthcare providers around the country, who have established similar programs for their patients.


Specialized Staff and Physicians

The process begins with the nurse navigator, who reviews the records of patients currently undergoing treatment for prostate cancer. The primary indicator for referrals is an increase in Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) numbers despite current treatment for prostate cancer.

Once referred to the Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic, the patient gets placed in the care of one of five member physicians who specialize in advanced prostate cancer:  Dr. Mark G. Delworth, Dr. Michael Dusing, Dr. Doug Feeney, Dr. Gary M. Kirsh, Dr. Robert Larke, Dr. Marc Pliskin and Dr. Robert Schwartz.

Treatment Options

The physician conducts a full review of the case, which includes conducting a series of scans to determine the progression of the disease.

From there, the physician determines the best course of action, which may include: clinical trials to participate in ongoing research, immunotherapy or chemotherapy. Additionally, a host of new drug therapies including Provenge, Xtandi, Zytiga and Xofigo, have come into market in the past five years and offer new hope to extend life for patients.

More Information

If you or someone you know would benefit from the Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic, contact:
Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic
The Urology Group
(513) 841-7478

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